What We Do

At Prevolv, we believe a well-designed work environment leads to happy employees and a productive and profitable business. As a cohesive team, we partner with our customers to clarify their desires, develop innovative solutions and offer quality products and services to enhance their work environment.

Workstation Design

Project Management

Furniture Installation

Office Reconfiguration

It’s the Prevolv people. Our sourcing and creativity is second to none, but ultimately the difference is each Prevolv pro. We focus relentlessly on you and apply our talents fully.

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Additional Services

Asset Management

We not only provide outstanding products, but we provide the means to track status, age and location of those outstanding products. Comprehensive reports keep you and your spaces on track and on point.

Furniture Refurbishing

We’re here to serve you. Sometimes brand spankin’ new is the way to go, other times a smart and professional “spruce-up” is the ideal use of your resources.

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