Furniture Installation

Planned meticulously, inspected fully, measured thrice and perfectly installed once. We tick off each box on our 20 Point Quality Checklist and install your new offices as stealthily as humanly possible.

Trained and Certified

Our installation technicians not only have the years, they have the framed proof of top-level training and high-end certification. Professional, punctual, perfectionists and many other positive attributes that don’t begin with “p.”

Coordination with Other Trades

We have friends in the business—many talented, trusted and remarkable friends. Installations are made seamless, painless and flawless with our top-level, certified partners on site and on the ball.


In our world: Inefficiency is evil. Downtime is unacceptable. Excuses are non-existent. Every project is something unique, but every result is designed to make you very, very happy.