A Natural Place for Learning

Light, learning, and happy feelings everywhere!  Wildwood Library is a breath of fresh air.  

Wildwood Library has a new look! Natural wood details, beautiful, easy to clean finishes, comfortable furniture to lose yourself in a book – surrounded by high ceilings and natural light from every direction.  The space is inviting, and its spatial floor plan is perfect for comfortable learning. 

Clearstory windows and plenty of natural light to feel like you’re nestled in nature as you expand your mind through books. 


A creative, colorful, and inspiring kid’s area to expand their creativity and fluid though process.  Areas to gather and learn together or spread out for some individual learning time. 


Private spaces to meet or open areas for a quick touch base. Even a versatile training room where the glass partitions fold back to expose a large open area for sharing or close for private training or meetings. 


Other Projects

Bind Benefits, Inc.

SPS Commerce