Advancing Literacy One Volume at a Time

Readerink – Chicago expands their footprint to increase their reach of advancing education and entertainment while upgrading existing space at the same time.      

“From the start of the project, we knew Prevolv was the right partner. This began with the initial interviews, when John and Chelsey simply listened to our vision – better then their competition. This proceeded to discussions about design, a collaborative effort with our architects and contractors, into offices and cube furniture selections, and lastly an efficient, multi-staged implementation over several months. [I] would recommend Prevolv to anyone!” —- Paul Sessler, Tax Director, Readerlink Distribution Services, LLC. | Oak Brook, IL

The open office layout compliments the collaboration between the teams for effective programs and coordination but still allowing heads-down work when needed.


A contemporary scheme with energetic pops of color and the use of natural light on the 29th floor provides brighter inspiration and picturesque views. close

Whether it’s updates, presentations on what’s happening next of sharing ideas, a versatile room with moveable furniture can serve many factions for numerous activities.     close

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