Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Create newly invigorated spaces that allow for intuitive and spontaneous collaboration, while seamlessly incorporating private offices.

Our client, Preferred Credit, Inc., has well over 30 years in the business of providing financial services to the direct sales industry. Transparency, integrity, and a client-centric approach drive PCI’s mission, vision, and their recent office upgrade. The many collaborative spaces throughout the two floors of workspaces and offices give the teams places to touch-down and team up. Partnered with an energetic color pallet, the space gives the team visual inspiration throughout the day. Low workstation heights foster a collaborative feel and an open sense of space by letting in the natural light from the perimeter.


Bringing energy to work by way of a vibrant color scheme, contemporary furnishings, and the vigor of natural light. close


Defining via openness and encouraging via low workstation design collaboration, cooperation, and connection. close


Striking, customized glass walls define and distinguish the PCI style. close


Even private offices are incorporated seamlessly into an open-minded workplace. close

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