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Bring an updated and upscale look to their offices, while maintaining a traditional feel and taking best advantage of their iconic IDS Tower location.

Nichols Kaster, Attorneys at Law, is a highly considered firm representing employees and consumers. Their reputation for passionate and professional championing of their clients’ interests is well known and well regarded. Using upscale finishes and a traditional look to the offices represented Nichols Kaster’s professional and steadfast reputation. Although the look was rich in tradition, new technology such as sit to stand desking and ergonomic seating were incorporated to improve workday wellness for the user. A treadmill desk was a must for a high energy, athletic user whose office overlooks the downtown skyline.


Retaining tradition by way of deep tones and finishes, while advancing forward via state-of-the-industry technology (including a treadmill desk). close


Views from the 46th floor of the legendary IDS Tower are impressive. An intelligent furniture layout maximized the outlook for all. close


Collaboration in a law firm requires a refined touch. Partner offices feature room to think, move and space to actually “partner.” close


By listening and exploring, we were able to bring a sleek and modern feel that fit ideally into this established setting. close

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