Space Experts to the Space Experts

MNCAR had decided to move into a new, healthier space that was updated for team retention, versatility in function, and updated technology. With Prevolv’s experience, they were the natural choice.

“Prevolv creatively increased the use of natural light, space, and innovation in our new space; and thanks to their positive, partnering attitude, they also boosted morale.” —Matt Anfang, Executive Director, MNCAR


An open floor plan created a more naturally lit, uncluttered, and enjoyable space. close


Workstations featured adjustable bases for sit or stand options. close


Storage space was strategically designed into the space, along with collaborative/hoteling areas for visiting partners. close

Hue / Function

A thoughtful, light, and cheerful color scheme added to the positive atmosphere. The design configuration allowed spaces to flex for events and functions with easy access to kitchen facilities. close

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