A Chic Space for the Mavens of Style

While Evereve focuses on staying ahead of what’s next for women’s fashion, their headquarters took a page from their style book, incorporating a fashion forward space designed with the upmost care and supreme style.  

Edgy, modern, and versatile like their clothing – Evereve’s headquarters exude style, and finesse.  As a leader in trend and fashion, Evereve’s offices have warm touches of wood and colors of blue and pink accented with golden brass and rolled iron.  A versatile and open floor plan surrounded by full glass offices and conference rooms to house an energetic team – giving room for laying out new ideas, fabrics, and designs at a moment’s notice.

Soft fabrics drape the ceiling over the café with touchable, beautiful seating to host a quick touchdown meeting or a large gathering – all of which makes guests and team members feel comfortable and welcomed. 


Textures, fabrics, wood finishes throughout the space gives a feeling of warmth and purpose.    


Whether the team is hosting a gathering for clients or immersing their thoughts into what’s next in fashion, this team has the capability to layout drawings/proposals or display racks of clothing and accessories for review.  Open workstations are a great way of sharing ideas.  Versatile conferencing with comfortable booths or conferencing rooms with easily stored roll-away doors to open the café into a larger space for entertaining – they have thought of everything! 


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