Advising the Advisors

Convert multiple locations throughout the country from isolated and closed work environments to open, efficient, and collaborative working spaces. This radical change needed to maintain CLA’s traditional brand feel with an updated edge. We liked the sound of this challenge.

“Thanks to Prevolv’s exceptional service, we experienced an easy transition to new workspaces that beautifully blended our established look with efficient work elements and updated styling.” —Beth Peterson, Chief Facilities Officer, CliftonLarsonAllen

We gathered our specialists in design, space planning, and project management around one table for the most comprehensive solutions. close

Workspaces re-imagined, reconfigured, and renewed. The new open working environments maintained a CLA consistency with room for individual flair. close

CLA’s traditional past was never off the table as we explored and implemented new ways to bring efficiency and currency to their spaces. close

One CLA corporate contact was designated to simplify, solidify, and streamline the entire, multi-location process. close

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