Moving Experiences

Rethink and refresh the configuration and execution of over 80 offices and conference spaces.  This place is filled with amazing stories and endless hope.
“Prevolv delivered smart, innovative and vibrant ways to compliment the incredible work of those 525+ professionals. Creating light and air to match the love and care of this very special space. ”


By integrating electrical and data into the walls, we eliminated waste and future effort.  Doors slide and hide, rather than swing and ding.  close


Light and openess are key elements in this project.  Glass walls, window placement and Clerestory combine to bring natural and nurturing light into even the most interior spaces. close


The work and the moments within are dynamic.  By designing 2,459 LF of moveable walls, this space is equally dynamic, flexible and easily reconfigured. close

Other Projects

Preferred Credit, Inc.

SPS Commerce