American Ingenuity

American Family Insurance came to us with a need to accommodate an expanding workforce and a desire to create an attractive and highly functional working environment.

And, that’s what we do.

Renovation of the American Family workspace was to update the style, technology and function for the user. A new typical was designed to meet all of their needs with sit to stand cockpit surfaces, lower walls and adequate storage. Over 600 stations were implemented in addition to 100 offices went into 3 buildings over an 18 month period. Brining in natural elements like a leaf patterned divider screen for each station, lets in the natural light from the perimeter of the space and provides privacy for the user.


Workstations were designed in a manner that allowed both privacy and collaboration, expanded workspaces, and storage, plus increased daylight. close


Throughout both private offices and collective workspaces, durable and appealing Musique Maple was utilized as a work surface. close


Ergonomically correct electronic bases were installed allowing the user to either sit or stand at their desk. close


In addition to Musique Maple finishes, other interior design elements included soft effect panels with botanical patterns, textured surfaces, and sophisticated paint choices throughout. close

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